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The Fabrication Process

Making Makey

I began by deciding what size to make the robot.  This would determine the size of the zoetrope.

Planning and designing on the computer


I designed the components in the computer using Adobe Illustrator.  Even though this is mostly a two dimensional software, I was able to plan how things would layout.

Winning an Award

I was so happy that my project was awarded a ribbon from Sherry Huss, one of the founders of Maker Faire.

The Artist

Maker Faire Orlando 2017

This project began as a commission for Maker Faire Orlando 2017 and has taken on a life of its own.

Laser cut robotic arm

How I came up with the idea

I was inspired by other stroboscopic zoetropes created.  Especially those that tell a story.

How it was created

I utilized a number of skills and techniques for creating the final design.  Laser cut and etch parts, 3D printing, CNC router cutting, sculpting, molding and casting, wood work, painting, and mechanical design.

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